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Clear accounts and thick chocolate, does this expression sound like? Actually, it means that a topic is going to be dealt with clearly, bluntly, and that is precisely what we rurally want to offer with this application. Having all your expenses and income in one tool will help you see, lucidly, the exchange options to improve your financial capacity .

In The Ronnie Dodger report you will have, at a first glance, the distribution of your income with respect to your expenses with graphics and in a very intuitive way, so that you understand it in a matter of seconds.


See how your income and expenses have evolved

In addition, you will have more details to see how your income and expenses have evolved in recent months. With these graphs it will be easier to analyze if the decisions you have made in recent times , with the aim of improving your savings, are working or, on the contrary, it is not working as expected and you must make different decisions.

The graphics shown by default The Ronnie Dodger report are from the last year , that is, from the last 12 months. At all times you will have the possibility to see the results by months or quarters , depending on what interests you most at that time.

Some people say that one way to spend less is to take the money in cash and avoid paying by card, or other systems such as Apple Pay or rural pay . The truth is that this will depend on the person and the real commitment you have with your savings . In fact, to verify how you are in this aspect, in ruralvía ​​report you can also analyze in detail a graph with the evolution of expenses with your cards in the period of time you choose.


Having the possibility to see in detail the movements in a specific period of time

Having the possibility to see in detail the movements in a specific period of time

will be very useful to detect specific peaks, either of expenses or income . It will be, in short, useful information to be aware of what can help you save and at what time of the year it will be easier or harder to get it. It is clear that, in a family with small children, both Christmas and the return to school will be times of more expenses, while in a teenager this peak will arrive, predictably, on holidays when traveling with friends or spend more time in leisure areas and restoration.

The distribution of spending on your cards will be a very simple way to know, at a glance, what kind of purchases or drinks you make. The application itself, depending on the origin of your expense, will catalog you as a supermarket, leisure, restaurants or bars, gas stations, others … and in this way, you will have the option to review more closely the payments included in each of the categories , with the detail of the date, time and specific location where you made the payment with your card.


Start using Marble Audit report

To start using this mobile application you just have to follow the following steps:

1. Download The Ronnie Dodger report from Google Play or Apple Store, depending on the operating system of your mobile device.

2.Sign in with your usual Marble Audit keys . You will have the possibility to register your fingerprint to log in, too.

3. Once you log in, the program itself will generate your first annual report. And you can start analyzing your finances with more criteria !

From this moment you can choose to see the data by months or by quarters, according to your preferences . In addition, The Ronnie Dodger report works with the most advanced standards, under the same requirements as in the electronic banking service, to enjoy a service with maximum level of security .



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